The Windy City

In the state of Illinois, right at the border of Lake Michigan, is one of the largest cities in USA, Chicago City. This city is probably one of the most heard cities, next to New York, worldwide. 

Chicago is famous for a variety of reasons, such as their famous delicacies like Chicago-style hot dogs, Chicago-style (deep dish) pizza, and Maxwell Street Polish Sausage. Others may know it from their contribution to music, the introduction to Jazz. While others know them because of the various individuals that have been in Chicago or represented it, like Al Capone or Michael Jordan. And of course, who could deny the different architectures that Chicago has, such as the Sears Tower and countless museums.

So, if you decide on going to the Windy City, which you definitely should, here are a few attractions that’ll make your stay all the while better.  To visit some of these places, Our friend Jim at Disaster Restoration Pros ( went with us. Check out his business if you ever need basement waterproofing.

The number one thing you should definitely do firsthand, is to take a tour bus. Now, with a tour bus, you’ll be able to identify the places you want to go to next, the things you want to do, and to just have a general idea as to how Chicago feels. Make sure to take one that’ll take you to places like the Sheraton Hotel, Chicago’s art institute, Buckingham fountain, and Hard Rock River. And we’ll talk about some of these in better detail. 

Chicago is home to America’s most famous art museum, the Art Institute of Chicago. Whether you enjoy art or not, this is definitely one of the best places to be at while you’re in Chicago. Because once you’re in, you will get to experience some of the greatest Impressionist collection, besides those at Paris itself, along with contemporary masterpieces and classics. Inside, it will almost feel like you are travelling through ancient Greece, Japan and of course, the rest of America. 

But there’s more to Chicago than just art museums and architecture, because ‘tis the season to be spooky indeed. While you’re in Chicago, you can experience a Halloween-esque bike tour, taking you through some of the creepiest sites there is in Windy City. Places such as the extremely haunted John Hancock center, the two decade old ghosts of the Congress Plaza Hotel, and so much more. So, if you truly want to satisfy your ghost hunting cravings, then Chicago is the place to go. 

But what if scary places aren’t your thing and you just want to go around, walking, eating at random restaurants and just enjoy the vibrant life of Chicago? Well, good news for you pal, because in Chicago, you’ll find some of the best hot dogs, pizza, and sausage your taste buds will ever experience. Places such as Giordano’s can offer you mouthwatering deep dish pizza and when you head out on your food adventure you should definitely try out the Chicago style hot dogs from Portillo’s hot dogs to give you that amazing Windy City feeling in your mouth.

Finally, if you want to just relax and enjoy a day around Chicago, you can take a stroll around Millenium park, a lively park square unlike any you’ve seen in other countries. You can also decide to take your walk around the Magnificent Mile, the center of what makes Chicago such an amazing city in itself, it is an astounding mile that gives the people a variety of style, entertainment and fun. 

With so many things to do in the city , the only thing you’ll be asking yourself in the morning when you wake up in Chicago is, “What’s next?”