The 3 Most Scenic Highways in the US

Driving along the highway can be a bit, to be frank, boring. I mean, it’s just the same layers of concrete in front of you for miles and miles, seeing cars pass by you, and some even try to piss you off and that can get most drivers insane. 

Going along the highway doesn’t have to be so plain however. Because if you look around the destination you’re going to, for a split second, of course, you can start to see something you may have taken for granted. And that’s the views outside the highway.

Often times, when we look out into the vast plains of grass and mountains, we can start to feel a sense of bliss and enjoyment. I mean, who wouldn’t feel grateful after seeing such lush and green stretches of trees and large lakes mirroring the blue sky. Truly, being alive and driving can be amazing. 

But, not all highways are like this. Some are, of course, bland and nothing more than pale buildings or far plains of nothingness. So, which highways do offer such amazing euphoria? Well, read more to find out! 

First on this list, is the  Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire. Here, you’ll fully be able to embrace the brimming effect of fall. With some of the most beautiful hues of orange and green you’ll be able to see, this highway is sure to get you to stop at the side of the road and just take in what nature can give. And more than that, this road takes you through the amazing heart of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and is just ahead of the breathtaking Lakes Region this side of the state. 

And second to that beautiful spectrum of fall colors, we have the properly named “Going-to-the-Sun-Road” in Montana. Now, this spectacle has that stairway to heaven vibe, because of the astounding scenery that is almost taken straight out of heaven. This highway offers drivers a glimpse of what it is like in true paradise. With two glacier-carved lakes and in between, a high-alpine road, the highway to going to the sun is one that everyone should definitely drive through while they’re in the US. 

And last, but certainly not least, we have the Pacific Coast Highway in California. While the other two roads on this list has far etched forests and chilling lakes, this highway brings you real close to that little body of water we call the Pacific Ocean, hence the name of the road of course. It starts off from San Francisco all the way towards Los Angeles, going through different and stunning landmarks such as Malibu beach, Bixby Beach, and even the Golden Gate bridge. And above all else, this highway has been marked as one of the top road trips in the world and that everyone should be able to experience such a wonderful and amazing drive along the Pacific Coast. 
These are the three best highways for anyone in the US, or even outside should definitely consider driving through just to take a small break from the standard concrete buildings and busy streets. After all, sometimes it’s about the journey, not the destination.