Abandoned Witch Town

There is a whole town that was built to create a TV show called Salem on Netflix. The show is about the 17th-century infamous witch trials and how they try to uncover the supernatural truth behind it.


The town was built in about two months to represent where the Salem Witch Trials were held back in 1692. The true story is a few schoolgirls claimed to be possessed by the demons and started accusing women in the town of doing witchcraft. This created a huge and historical chain of events in Massachusetts Bay Colony, AKA Salem, Massachusetts.

This creepy town was built outside of Shreveport, Louisiana in the Grand Cane woods. This is where all three of Salem’s TV seasons were filmed. Most of the cast lived in Shreveport while they were filming the show, they became familiar with the town and the people in it.

This town was completely built and designed to solely film the show “Salem.” Then when the show was over in 2017, they left the old century looking town standing instead of tearing it down. The whole town cost about $200,000 and they donated it to the city. Now it’s completely abandoned and a creepy attraction.

In Town

The town consists of houses that are falling apart and a church that looks like it has been standing since the original witch trials.

The best and most eerie piece about this abandoned site is right in the middle of town they have the gallows pole where everyone would come out and see people being hanged. It is fully equipped with a “holding cell” underneath where they would keep the prisoners until it was their turn to be hung.

It even has a few pillories on the top and bottom of the platform which they used as punishment by humiliation before ending their lives.

There is also an area where they would tie the to be believed witches to a pole and burn them to death in front of the whole town.

Finding the Town

The town is somewhere in the woods of Grand Cane, Louisiana. Grand Cane is about 40 minutes outside of Shreveport. The film crew and actors would travel back and forth daily.

You could just wander around until you find the location. Which I mean could be fun to completely explore, but if you notice in the background of the town, it shows the town being bordered against the waters.

Since the town is randomly in the woods, you will need to prepare to take a little hike there. Since the exact location is not an address, I would prepare for at least an hour hike just in case. Not knowing exactly where the film set is, makes this adventure that much more fun. Once the town is found, you will be fully impressed and you can indulge in every moment spent in this 17th-century town.

This town obliviously isn’t haunted or anywhere near real, but it sure does look and feel like it!

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