An Introduction

Hi. My name is David Carson, and this is my blog about my experiences living in Pima County, Arizona. There is all kinds of unique and wonderful experiences here, including the city of Tucson, which is in Pima County. I am going to be writing about what I have personally experienced here, and just how great this place is.

Pima County is a wonderful place to live. With all of the different activities and great people here, it is fantastic. However, there is no perfect place to live, and here is no exception. First, the heat. While we are close to the coast, which means that the temperature is somewhat better, it still get over 100 degrees consistently during the summer. It is also very humid here, so pairing high heat with high humidity leads to very high temperatures. But this heat also means something positive. The winter here is like spring everywhere else. Very comfortable temperatures and abundant plant life help to bring a lot of appeal to the county.

The area itself is also important. The desert here is truly beautiful. Now you may not think that a desert could look beautiful, but here, with the variety and color of the desert, it is a treasure. We have many parks, including the Saguaro National Park, Sabino Canyon, and the Mt. Lemmon Scenic View, which are great ways to experience the amazing desert. Also in the county is the San Xavier Mission building. This fantastic historical building is from the early days of our history, and is a great testimony to the lives of people here from so long ago.

I will be writing about all of these places and more on this blog. I hope to give you a real feel for what it’s like to live in such a fantastic place. I will also be writing about my personal experiences with the people and places of Pima County, and hope you will like it. Make sure to check this blog for more content regularly.