3 Most Traveled Motorcycle Rides in The Smoky Mountains

There is always an adventure to be found everywhere. Whether it be on foot, by commute, or when you have your own vehicle, there is always the world out there waiting for you. And a part of that world is the Smoky mountains. This amazing piece of God’s work is found rising along the Tennessee-North Carolina border, and is a mountain range like no other in the world. So, imagine taking your motorcycle through these great mountains, the view, the air, the sense of adventure, is incomparable to any other in the world. But what are the best roads to take for this amazing experience? Well, here’s a list of the Top 3 Most Traveled Motorcycle Rides in The Smoky Mountains. 

First on this list is the Cherohala Skyway Loop that you can finn in Maggie Valley, NC. Through this loop you’ll be able to witness various landmarks such as: Fontana Dam, Tail of the Dragon, and Bald River Falls. It is a 245 mile ride that should take you about 8 hours to finish, and that includes rest and lunch. Now, this is first on the list because it includes half of the other loops around the Smoky Mountains. Which makes it a sort of pivot to the rest of the roads in this list. 

Second to this list, is the Foothills Parkway that begins from Walland, TN and all the way to Chilhowee, TN. It’s a 16.8 mile ride that’ll take you 26 minutes to finish, point to point with no traffic. And along this road you will get to have highlights such as the Panoramic Mountain Vistas, an easy ride, tons of foliage, and much more. 

This road is second to the list as it was once considered the oldest road in Tennessee that was unfinished but has now opened a new section for riders to enjoy and traverse. This new road provides amazing new views of townsend and the mountains. One that every rider should definitely look into. 

And finally, the road that is earning a reputation as a fun yet difficult road to traverse, The Rattler, US 209. Now this road has a total of 33.3 miles and starts from Hot Springs, NC and ends in Lake Junaluska, NC. The highlights of this road? Multiple curves, Straightaways, lush vegetation and much more. 

Now, if you’ve driven the Tail of the Dragon already, this is a nice alternative to that and is not that mainstream. So you can expect less people to pass by. This drive provides just as much thrill and adventure that the Tail has but has the advantage of having less crowds, therefore less danger. 

And there you have it, the Top 3 best Motorcycle Rides through the Smoky Mountains. So if you have a motorcycle and are just itching for adventure, then this list is your go to map for. Have fun and stay safe riding!